About Us


Formally created in 1998, Medialog Europe has employees in Portugal, Spain and it is part of the Marktest Group whose reputation for accuracy and reliability has more than 30 years in both national and international markets.

The strategic objective of its creation is based on a specialization in the market of Advertising and Media Agencies.

The market approach is based initially on its star product: AdLog.

This is an ERP tool (Enterprise Resource Planning) specific for Advertising and Media Agencies.

Our team

Carina Dias

General Manager

David Dias

Junior Developer

Elsa Paulo

Client Service Senior Consultant

Filipa Timóteo

Client Service Consultant

Gustavo Oliveira

Scrum Master

Hugo Costa


Judite Carvalho

Client Service Manager

Luis Mendes

Senior Developer

Mara Capelão

Administrative Assistant

Miguel Angel

Client Service Senior IT/DBA

Miguel Fernandes


Paulo Jorge

Web Manager

Paulo Serafim


Pedro Caparica

Client Service IT/DBA

Rafael Almendra


Ricardo Guerra

Junior Developer

A Medialog


We are an innovative, experienced and forward thinking company. Our achievement competence has made us leaders in the market on which we are expert: Advertising, Media and Communication. Our experience has carried us to new markets with more ambitious challenges.

The experience gained in over 18 years in the market, the teams competence, the space given to innovation, the development of solutions fully adapted to the cliente needs, are the factors that consist our dynamic success. We align our strategy with the markets in which we operate, and adapt the solutions to new business models. We are widely recognized for it.

We are a company endowed with an entrepreneurial team with specialized and competitive solutions.

This is the spirit of Medialog Europe and its D.N.A. !

Global positioning

Thanks to its experience and its reference products, Medialog Europe has offices in Spain and Portugal.

We have customers all around the world both, both Group and Medialog Europe customers, which nowadays are spread through Portugal, Spain, France and Chile.


We are honored on counting on strong partners in our activity, such as Microsoft, Oracle, amongst others.

We represent these brands as referral partners and produce solutions and products using their technologies.

Our consultants have acquired our partners certifications. Some of our products represent case studies for our partners.


With a strategy based on the talent of our resources, we are in constant partnership with top Portuguese Universities, particularly with the Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT-UNL) and the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL).

In our technical staff we only have top and masters engineers.

Our Processes

1. Planning

2. Design

3. Development

4. Release